Second financial product: Installment Loans

An installment loan is a long-term loan product you borrow from a lending company and repay in equal monthly payments. With such a loan, borrowers may get from $1,000 up to $5,000. The installment loan term ranges from 2 to 24 months. The minimum APR of installment loans doesn’t exceed 7%.

Those wishing to obtain a long-term installment loan can rely on us. To get it, you will not have to go to any office. The whole process can be done from home, in front of a computer, thus avoiding traffic and queues.

Another advantage of quick installment loans is that they can be applied for at any time of the day and any day of the week. Moreover, the customer support team is at your disposal at any time to answer your questions and make the loan as pleasant an experience as possible.

Who can apply for long-term installment loans?

Those wishing to get a long-term cash loan from Pulaski Bank must have a steady income and be at least 18 years old. They must also provide information about their income. It is critical so that people do not get even deeper into debt. Therefore, people who want to get such a loan need to think twice before making a decision. For this reason, for any further questions or concerns, the support team is available to assist you.